Trademark Summary

What is your trademark? What are the goods or services, on which, you use the trademark? Corporate or LLC names should be searched, before filing with the Illinois Secretary of State.

A free trademark search is available at Each mark searched is usually $500.00, possibly less, if the searches have overlapping search areas. You may do a partial search at I would still have to complete the search.

If no one has a similar sounding or similar appearing mark for similar goods or services, you may be able to get a trademark.

If the mark clears the search, each application can usually be filed for $600.00 attorney’s fees, plus $275.00 per class filing fee, possibly less.

The application usually gets a response from the Patent and Trademark Office, which in turn, requires my response. Time determines how much the response costs. Such costs are usually around $300.00.

If your trademark is descriptive, attaching a design to it would be helpful. If no one has a similar sounding, similar appearing mark for similar goods or services, you might able to get your mark.

A trademark can be a word or words with or without a design. A trademark search is required before one picks a company name or chooses to advertise goods or services under the mark.

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I’ll need your name with middle initial, your home or your business address, your date of birth, your citizenship and your telephone number. Alternatively, I need the company, address, and state where the company organization was filed.

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