Safeguarding Your Trade Secrets

In a competitive capitalist culture, proper protection of your intellectual property is vital — and that includes the protection of your trade secrets.

It's a complicated business, however, going about getting that protection for your business. Especially with both federal and state law involved.

At the Law Office of Mathew R. P. Perrone, Jr., we provide knowledgeable counsel from an intellectual property law attorney experienced in the protection of trade secrets. To arrange a confidential, complimentary consultation about your particular goals and interests, simply give us a call today.

What Kind Of Trade Secret Do You Need To Protect?

The types of trade secrets that qualify for legal protection cover a wide range of activities and information. Our firm provides comprehensive service across this range, including:

  • Formulas
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Customer lists
  • Patterns for new devices
  • Other proprietary business data

Each type of trade secret has its own unique features. Our FAQ page on trade secrets has more detailed information.

Be Proactive About Asserting Your Rights

You probably won't be sure about exactly what protections you need until you discuss your unique situation with an intellectual property lawyer. For example, suppose you are concerned about protecting against the unwarranted disclosure of customer lists by after an employee leaves your company. In that setting, you may need to consider a noncompete agreement.

No matter what the issue is, it is important to get the proper protections in place under federal or state law. We encourage you to get in touch today by phone at 847-915-4475. Or, if you prefer, complete our online form.