Patent Summary

Patentable inventions involve (1) compositions, (2) articles of manufacture, (3) machines, (4) processes for making one of those three things, or (5) new and useful improvements for one of those four things.

If, for example, your patentable idea is a recipe, write it down. If your patentable idea requires a drawing, make a rough sketch of your idea. Use whichever method is most appropriate for your idea. Write at least a paragraph or two about how it works and what it does. Do the stuff you can do yourself. Call for your free 20 minute consultation. Our appointment schedule is from 9:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. I make my own evening and Saturday appointments. Spanish translation appointments are only available on Saturdays from 9:00am to 11:55am. I will require the inventor(s) full name with middle initial, home address, date of birth, citizenship and telephone number.

A free patent search, which is about 5% effective, is available at and My full search usually satisfies half of my clients, however, the search must be completed by at least one professional searcher before we file.

The "perfect search" does not exist. The best search is the one that gives you about an 80% chance of obtaining a patent.

Twice in my over 40 years of private practice, the USPTO issued a patent and afterward it turned out that the patent was worthless. Prior to the patent being issued, the search had been performed by three professionals (two patent attorneys and the USPTO). After we filed a claim, the fourth search (performed by the party whom we thought was infringing) found the patent to be invalid.

The following comments are generic as to patent costs. There is no real answer to these questions, until more is known about the invention:

  • Most patent searches are accomplished for about $2,000.00, although within the last six months, there have been two $3,000.00 patent searches. Searches are usually completed within 20 days of receiving payment of the $2,000.00.
  • Assuming for the sake of argument, that the invention clears the search, which happens about 50% of the time, the cost of filing a utility patent application with about 10 drawing figures, is usually about $5,000.00 to $7,000.00, including drawings and filing fees. The type of invention and the time it takes to prepare the application determines the cost. The payment of $2,500.00, will start preparation of a rough draft, which should be completed within two weeks after payment. The filing of the patent application depends on how quickly the client responds to me with the necessary information. The filing of a design patent application will generally cost about $2,000.00.

Please keep your invention secret. Visit our website for more information at Being the first to file your patent application is very important. The United States stopped favoring the first person to invent a patentable subject, and now favors the first to file as dominant person in the patent application process.

The patent application will be rejected at least once, and I work with the client to respond to the rejection. There are attorney’s fees in the process of responding to the rejection of the USPTO.

Only about 10% of my clients make money on their patents. Only about 1% of patents make money for the inventor.

There are also issue and maintenance fees paid to the government on each application which becomes a patent.

For more information, call to schedule an appointment.