✓ About 17 years depending on the type of patent and prosecution history.

  • How many patents make money?

✓ Less than one percent.

  • When do I need a patent attorney?

✓ When you say, "I have an idea. How do I protect that idea?"

  • Can I do my own patent?

✓ If you have to ask, the answer is probably no. In my years of private practice about 10 clients have tried to do their own patent. One was successful and required only about an hour of my time to finish it. My hundreds of other clients came to me from the start.


✓ A trademark is renewable as many times as the trademark owner desires.

  • Can I do my own trademark?

✓ This is more possible, but unlikely.

Trade Secrets


✓ About 95 years.

  • Can I do my own copyright?

✓ Probably. You can fill out the form, but can you determine if copyright is the right protection for you?

Unfair Competition