Copyright Law

A copyright can protect the expression of an idea, such as an author's works or an artist's song. An experienced intellectual property lawyer may be able to help you obtain the legal protection you seek.

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What Copyright Protection Are You Entitled To?

Copyright protects tangible ideas, such as written works (e.g., books, plays and movies), music and songs, computer programs, statues and other artistic works, such as paintings. If you obtain a copyright, you have the sole right to make copies of whatever it is the copyright covers. If someone proposes the same copyrightable idea independently, that person not only may use that idea, but also is entitled to a copyright on that idea. If your idea is for a book, you would first have to write the book before you obtain a copyright.

Anything published on the Internet is assumed to have copyright protection. This is a big change in law from 20 years ago. Today, copyright notice is no longer required; you can still get copyright protection.

Steps For Asserting Your Rights

It is important to file your copyright application within three months of your first publication date for maximum protection. You, as copyright holder, can enforce your copyright protection and recover compensation from the date of publication, including possible punitive damages. You can also file for copyright protection on your preliminary works or prepublication works. When we do the first copyright for a client, they can usually do it themselves the next time.

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